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About Rescue C.O.O.L. School

About our school

Tradition. Excellence. Innovation.

The COOL School, which stands for Collaborative Opportunities for Online Learning, is a public, tuition-free independent study program offered through the Rescue Union School District.  The COOL School offers an innovative, 21st-century learning experience where students have the opportunity to complete coursework online at home.   All curriculum is aligned to the California state standards.  Students enroll full-time in one of three flexible learning options involving choices of online coursework, face-to-face instruction, and traditional independent study.  The blended learning model combines virtual learning with face-to-face instruction and allows students rich socialization experiences. The certificated teachers for the program are employed by the Rescue Union School District and are highly qualified as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act.
  • Innovative, relevant, and personalized learning plans
  • Engaging, self-paced curriculum
  • Flexible to meet the needs of the student and family
  • Rigorous standards-based curriculum
  • The blended learning model offers ample opportunity for social opportunities
  • Student progress is closely monitored by credentialed instructors
  • Allows for differentiation for each student
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere


Why Choose Rescue Cool International School

why rescue cool school


For decades, we have set the bar for public school systems across the state. While we are proud of that legacy, we understand students today need to be challenged in new ways to be prepared for the future. That is why we continually strive to develop new programs that excite students and engage their minds. By honoring our tradition while fostering a passion for learning, our students thrive in an atmosphere of excellence and innovation.
There are many benefits and advantages to studying at Rescue Cool School. There are classes that help you interact better with other students, like cultural appreciation courses in which we learn about different cultures around the world while learning foreign languages too!
You will also have a boost of confidence when it comes time for extracurricular activities such as sports games or music lessons where we encourage participants who show interest from their first weeks on campus - so make sure your parents sign up early because spaces fill quickly!
Not only do these programs offer great opportunities but they're also high quality; something worth noting especially if looking into university options abroad.

Our Innovative Programs:

  • Offer students and parents options to the traditional educational program;
  • Promote educational excellence;
  • Offer students with different talents, interests, and aptitudes, distinct choices that may enhance their educational success;
  • Develops innovative instructional practices and promotes systemic reform; and
  • Promotes diversity